Behind our success there is a team of qualified specialists. Become one of them and gain experience working for market leader

Advantages of working for MERKSON

We invest in the development of our employees and we guarantee stable employment on fair terms. Our employees have access to modern work tools on a daily basis. We also give them the chance to take part in innovative projects which support building experience.

Meet our recruiter

A competent recruiter is a pillar of an efficient recruitment process. We work with experts in their field, which is why we pay particular attention to acquiring talented professionals. We treat each candidate fairly and we try to ensure an individual approach in order to avoid unnecessary stress right from the start.

Magdalena Pałka HR Specialist

As an HR specialist I believe in the partnership between the employee and the employer. I think that a brand should be built primarily on values, and not on the budget – this is the motto which I try to follow in my everyday work.

Candidate’s personality, education, professional experience and achievements are extremely important, but it is very difficult to make the right decision without intuition.

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    Internship program

    We cooperate with upper secondary and higher schools in terms of traineeship and internship programs. Pupils and students have the opportunity to learn about the production process of parts for means of transport as a whole, as well as the specificity of work of modern metal sheet working machines. The best of them will be offered permanent employment.

    To apply for an internship, use the contact form available by clicking the button below