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Anti-corrosion coatings

All coatings are made in cooperation with reliable certified suppliers

We offer elements with the following coatings:

  •     KTL
  •     Powder coating
  •     Wet coating
  •     Zinc coatings
  •     Zinc-nickel alloy coatings

The elements made by us and coated by our suppliers successfully pass the restrictive tests in a salt spray chamber:

  •     KTL -> min 240h
  •     KTL + powder coating -> min 480h
  •     Zn coatings -> min 480h
  •     Zinc-nickel coatings from 480-960h

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Our products

We keep over 1500 parts – various components and subassemblies – in continuous production. Thanks to the great number of successfully completed projects, we are able to complete new orders in a shorter time.

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