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Welding and pressing in nuts, pins and the assembly of other fasteners

We weld nuts and pins as well as spot welding of metal sheets.

We have the capacity to install push-in fasteners such as nuts and PEM pins. On a daily basis, we install fasteners with a thread diameter from M4 to M12.

Our assembly offer also includes clinching, i.e. joining thin sheet elements by spot deformation. We apply clinching technology to join sheets with maximum thickness of 2mm + 2mm.

We perform welding operations on stationary machines. We have two Pei point PFX 241 welders in inverter technology. We can weld:

  •     steel sheets up to 6 + 6 mm
  •     alloy sheets up to 3 + 3 mm
  •     nuts according to DIN928 and DIN929 to M12

We use Haeger press for the assembly of push-in elements and clinching.

We also install blind rivet nuts and screw rivets with a thread diameter of up to M10.

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We keep over 1500 parts – various components and subassemblies – in continuous production. Thanks to the great number of successfully completed projects, we are able to complete new orders in a shorter time.

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