Technologies and services

Laser cutting

Cutting elements from metal sheets with the use of laser cutters in the FIBER technology

We provide laser cutting services in Poland using state-of-the-art Trumpf cutters.

Complex shapes are cut precisely, maintaining the high quality of cut edges and impeccable repeatability.

Thickness of cut sheets:

  •     Black steel up to 25 mm
  •     Stainless steel up to 20 mm
  •     Aluminium up to 12 mm
  •     Copper up to 10 mm
  •     Bronze up to 10 mm

In order to obtain the best possible distribution of details on the metal sheet and to decrease the value of waste, we use the specialist TruTops software, which closely cooperates with our machines.

How much does a laser cutting service cost?

Each time we determine the price of the cutting service after reading the technical documentation of the detail.

In order to shorten the wait of our customers as much as possible, please provide the documentation in the form of *.dwg  or *.dxf files in a 1:1 scale

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We keep over 1500 parts – various components and subassemblies – in continuous production. Thanks to the great number of successfully completed projects, we are able to complete new orders in a shorter time.

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