The last delivery of the new bending machine can be described as a considerable undertaking. From planning to unloading, it was not without problems and for several reasons. Press brake 5230 is a large machine, the unloading of which requires proper planning. However, the maintenance department has risen to the task and the press is already fully functional in place. Detailed technical data below:

Clamping force - 2300 kN
Bending length - 3230 mm
Free through hole - 2690 mm
Usable mounting height - 615 mm
Usable installation height for extended version (option) - outreach 420 mm
User Interface - Touchpoint TruBend
Max. y-axis speed in working gear (optional) - 25 mm/s
Length - 4150 mm
Width - 2055 mm
Height - 3000 mm
Weight - 17200 kg