There are several ways to give a given sheet metal the right shape. Metal is not a material that forms easily, so you need equipment with the right pressing force. Using them, we thus obtain a permanent deformation that will not change even under the influence of external factors. We can form sheet metal by bending or rolling.

Sheet metal bending

Sheet bending is the proper shaping of a material without violating its structure and cohesion. It gives us the ability to get the metal bent into the correct form. We can deform in different ways and thus obtain different shapes. During sheet metal bending, we can perform, bending, straightening, or rolling a given material. The sheet metal bending process is carried out in a specially prepared press, which exerts the appropriate pressure on the metal. For this purpose, both rollers, press brakes, and such presses can be used, which will bend the metal with the help of special stamping dies.

Sheet metal rolling and its types

Sheet metal rolling is one of the ways to give metals the right shape. The change can also take place in the texture and hardness of the material in question. This method uses equipment called rolling mills, which are divided into manual, hydraulic and mechanical.

Sheet rolling can be done either hot or cold.

  • Hot rolling. This process involves heating metal to a high temperature, which is then placed in a roller. Here, not only the appearance of the metal is changed, but also its structure, dimensions and properties. This type of rolling is particularly useful in construction and architecture. Material subjected to hot rolling forms faster and is less likely to be damaged. It is particularly good if you care more about the hardening of the raw material than the precision of the rolling;

  • Cold rolling. This is a more precise way of rolling the material. It takes place without heating the material to the appropriate temperature. This method is particularly suitable for deforming thin sheets, pipes, strips, flat pieces and bars that have a small diameter. Certainly, the cold rolling method is characterized by greater accuracy in the obtained shapes.

Sheet rolling and bending services

Our company specializes in all kinds of forms of metal processing and shaping. For this purpose, we use top-class equipment, and our employees are distinguished by their experience in their craft. For rolling metal sheets, we use a 4-roller rolling mill, which allows us to roll parts up to a maximum length of 2 meters and a thickness of 10 millimeters. In addition, our machine park includes modern Trumpf press brakes. If you would like to deform metal effectively and safely, we invite you to cooperate with us!